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Yio Chu Kang Primary School

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What are the admission rates in primary 1 (P1) registration?

Learn more about Primary 1 (P1) registration in MOE (Ministry of Education, Singapore).
  • School Vision

    Empowering Mind, Engaging Heart, Extending Hands

  • School Mission

    To nurture Confident and Self-Directed Learners who are Keen to Serve

  • School Philosophy, Culture and Ethos

    In Yio Chu Kang Primary, we believe that every child has the potential to learn and achieve. Guided by our school philosophy, we seek to bring out the best in every child. We are committed to ignite the joy of learning in every child and provide opportunities for discovery and exploration. We bring up the happy child who is confident, curious and caring. The child will learn to interact well with his peers, think critically and take responsibility for his learning.

    Learning and teaching in YCKPS is guided by the school's Curriculum Framework. Central to the Curriculum Framework is the school's vision, Empowering Mind, Engaging Heart, Extending Hands. The ultimate goal of our Curriculum is to develop every YCKPS student into the Self-directed Learner, Confident Person, Concerned Citizen, and Active Contributor. The school harnesses five key learning approaches, Differentiation, Authenticity and Relevance, Experiential, Collaboration and Integration, to provide enriching and engaging experiences for the holistic development of our students.

    Through our academic programmes, we build in every child a strong foundation in literacy and numeracy. Our school-based curriculum creates experiences that enable our learners to see connections across disciplines and acquire competencies such as critical thinking, collaboration and communication skills that will enable them to thrive in the fast-changing future landscape.

    We imbue in our learners core values so that they grow up to be morally upright individuals who are globally aware while being rooted as Singaporeans. The school's values of Caring, Upright, Progressive and Excellence are constantly reinforced to guide both staff and students in their thoughts, actions and behaviour. We provide opportunities for our students to reflect on the needs of the community and how they could serve others by putting their values in action. Through this, we nurture the 'Youth of Character, Keen to Serve'.

What are the distinctive programmes?


    Learning for Life Programme (LLP) / Music and performing arts

  • ESTEM@YCKPS (ALP in Environmental STEM-based applied learning at YCKPS)

    Applied Learning Programme (ALP) / Science

What are the subjects?

English Language
Foundation Chinese
Foundation English
Foundation Malay
Foundation Mathematics
Foundation Science
Higher Chinese
Higher Malay
Higher Tamil
Physical Education
Social Studies

What are the co-curricular activities (CCAs)?

Uniformed Groups



Visual and Performing Arts


Dance - Chinese

Dance - Indian

Dance - Malay/International

Ensemble - Angklung / Kulintang

Ensemble - Handbell / Handchime

Musical Cast 2020

Physical Sports


Football (Boys)


Clubs and Societies

Infocom Club

What are the specialised facilities and resources?

  • Allied educators (Learning and behavioural support)