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What are the admission rates in primary 1 (P1) registration?

Learn more about Primary 1 (P1) registration in MOE (Ministry of Education, Singapore).
  • School Vision

    A school of passionate learners with a heart to serve.

  • School Mission

    Inspiring Minds, Moulding Character.

  • School Philosophy, Culture and Ethos

    'Every Child - His Personal Best' - South View Primary School (SVPS) guides its students towards excellence with the belief that every child is different , can learn and achieve his personal best, no matter what the starting point is.

    The school's vision in raising passionate learners stems from the belief that every child should have an inquiring mind, is reflective and collaborative, communicates effectively, is able to think independently and critically and takes responsibility for one's actions. Every child should articulate servitude with a heart through showing care for himself, his family and others, showing commitment by demonstrating school core values, contributing to school and community and being aware of national and global issues.

    The school employs four strategic thrusts in its mission to inspire minds and mould character:

    1. Striving towards Excellence through Quality programmes.

    2. Developing Character through a whole-school approach.

    3. Growing Competent and Engaged Staff through Professional Development.

    4. Strengthening Partnership through Collaboration.

    At the end his learning journey in South View Primary School, a Southvien will be a

    1.Continual Learner with a passion to learn and innovate,

    2.Responsible and Confident Individual who is guided by core values, and

    3.Concerned Citizen with a heart to serve

    The school motto, "With Heart and Mind", supports the school's Vision and Mission by encouraging staff and students to learn, understand and practise with an open and discerning mind and to serve with a gracious heart so as to contribute to society.

    With its culture of Care, Collaboration and Excellence, the school's staff and students are encouraged to deepen their learning and be anchored on values, with a focus on students' needs, learning aptitudes and starting points. By instilling a sense of duty, a sense of gratitude and serving with humility, the school aims to nurture a future generation of useful and responsible citizens.

What are the distinctive programmes?

  • Love Dance. Love Life!

    Learning for Life Programme (LLP) / Music and performing arts

  • energIze, exCite, and exalT! - Learning through Empowering @ SVPS

    Applied Learning Programme (ALP) / Science

What are the subjects?

Civics & Moral Education
Co-Curricular Activities
English Language
Foundation English
Foundation Mathematics
Health Education
Higher Chinese
Higher Malay
Higher Tamil
Physical Education
Social Studies

What are the co-curricular activities (CCAs)?

Physical Sports



Multi Sports

Uniformed Groups

Boys' Brigade

Girls' Brigade


Visual and Performing Arts


Dance - Chinese

Dance - Indian

Dance - Malay

Media Club

Orchestra - Chinese

Clubs and Societies


Life Science Club

Robotics Club

What are the specialised facilities and resources?

  • Allied educators (Learning and behavioural support)