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Elias Park Primary School

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  • About Elias Park Primary School

    Primary School
    Co-Ed School
    Government School
    Single Session

  • Mother Tongues


What are the admission rates in primary 1 (P1) registration?

Learn more about Primary 1 (P1) registration in MOE (Ministry of Education, Singapore).
  • School Vision

    Where Potential Becomes Reality

  • School Mission

    Providing a Holistic Education

  • School Philosophy, Culture and Ethos

    At Elias Park, we believe that education must develop the whole child - the Scholar, Sportsman, Artist, Leader and Citizen in every individual student and his values system. That is why our key focus is on the holistic development of students and providing the platform and opportunities for them to realize their potential in the cognitive, physical, aesthetics, leadership, social and emotional domains. We pride ourselves in giving our students an authentic and experiential learning environment, extending the classroom to beyond 'bricks and mortar' - this is what we call the 'Elias Experience'. Our approach has produced confident and well-rounded individuals who can excel in both academic and non-academic domains.

    Our school culture is based on the principles of autonomy, learning and care with a strong focus on professional development of our staff so that they are better equipped to deliver the Elias Experience to our students. We believe that every individual who joins the school wants to do his best, is worthy of respect and deserves to be heard. We aim to build a robust and trusting relationship with our students, staff and other stakeholders, including parents who are important partners in our educational journey with their children.

What are the distinctive programmes?

  • Arts Creatively Expressed @ Elias

    Learning for Life Programme (LLP) / Music and performing arts

  • Character In Action @ EPPS

    Learning for Life Programme (LLP) / Community service and student leadership

What are the subjects?

Civics & Moral Education
English Language
Health Education
Higher Chinese
Higher Malay
Physical Education
Social Studies

What are the co-curricular activities (CCAs)?

Visual and Performing Arts

Dance - International

Orchestra - Chinese

Uniformed Groups


Physical Sports

Table Tennis


What are the specialised facilities and resources?

  • Allied educators (Learning and behavioural support)
  • Physical impairment