Waterway Primary School

Waterway Primary School

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    Primary School
    Co-Ed School
    Government School
    Single Session

  • Mother Tongues


What are the rankings in co-curricular activities (CCAs)?

What are the admission rates in primary 1 (P1) registration?

Learn more about Primary 1 (P1) registration in MOE (Ministry of Education, Singapore).
  • School Vision

    A Life-long Learner, A Gracious Citizen

  • School Mission

    To build a vibrant environment that nurtures young minds and builds upright character

  • School Philosophy, Culture and Ethos

    We believe that education must prepare a child for life and work in the future. We want to develop in our pupils the passion, the skills and the aptitude for learning so that they will be self-directed to learn, know how to learn and be always ready to acquire new knowledge and skills. We want to build character in our pupils so that they will grow up with sound values, be confident persons doing what is good and right, taking care of their family, working well with others and contributing to society.

    We believe in working in partnership with parents so that together we provide the best education possible for children to grow and develop right attitudes, beliefs, values and behaviour.

What are the distinctive programmes?

  • Growth and Benefit Mindset

    Learning for Life Programme (LLP) / Community service and student leadership

  • Orators@Waterway

    Applied Learning Programme (ALP) / Languages

What are the subjects?

English Language
Physical Education
Social Studies

What are the co-curricular activities (CCAs)?

Visual and Performing Arts

Band - Brass

Dance - International

Physical Sports



Clubs and Societies

Robotics Club

What are the specialised facilities and resources?

  • Allied educators (Learning and behavioural support)
  • Physical impairment