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Corporation Primary School

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What are the admission rates in primary 1 (P1) registration?

Learn more about Primary 1 (P1) registration in MOE (Ministry of Education, Singapore).
  • School Vision

    Nurturing Pupils who C.A.R.E to succeedC.A.R.E represents:C - Confident and equipped with creative and inventive thinkingA - Actively ContributeR - ResilientE - Enthusiastically Learn

  • School Mission

    Providing holistic education to build character and develop talents in a nurturing environment.

  • School Philosophy, Culture and Ethos

    Corporation Primary School was established in 1975 and has a history of 41 years. The school aims to provide a holistic education through learner-centred approaches. As pupils have varied learning abilities and potential, our teachers are empowered to innovate and adopt creative strategies that best meet their needs.

    We are guided by our philosophy, 'Every child has intrinsic worth and he can learn and wants to learn. Every child has the ability to realise his fullest potential and can contribute to society in his individual capacity'.

    We believe in developing talents by helping our pupils acquire new knowledge and skills to meet future challenges. Our pupils are provided with the opportunities to discover and develop their talents across domains in a nurturing environment. This belief is reflected in our school tagline: Creating Possibilities in Students.

    In line with our philosophy, character building is the core of our mission and sets the foundation for programme development. The school core values are anchored on the acronym - RICHER, which stands for Respect, Integrity, Compassion, Humility, Endurance and Responsibility. We are committed to guide pupils using Integrity as our moral compass, Endurance as the key to success, Responsibility and Humility as reflected in our actions and Respect and Compassion for better relationships.

    The school has a strong culture of care and strives to be 'One CPS Family', working towards a common goal. Through the school programmes, our pupils build authentic experiences and together with the close partnership of our parents, we aim to achieve our vision of 'Nurturing Pupils who C.A.R.E to Succeed'.

What are the distinctive programmes?

  • Creativity Through Dance

    Learning for Life Programme (LLP) / Music and performing arts

What are the subjects?

Civics & Moral Education
Co-Curricular Activities
English Language
Foundation English
Foundation Mathematics
Health Education
Higher Chinese
Higher Malay
Physical Education
Social Studies

What are the co-curricular activities (CCAs)?

Physical Sports





Uniformed Groups


Singapore Red Cross Society

Visual and Performing Arts


Dance - Chinese Cultural

Dance - Hip Hop

Dance - Malay


Samba Percussion

Young Artist Club

Clubs and Societies

Environmental Club

Xiangqi Club

What are the specialised facilities and resources?

  • Allied educators (Learning and behavioural support)